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It said seven NHS trusts across the country are dealing with listeria cases.

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There are currently no comments on this article - be the first to comment by logging in or registering for a free account. The NHS Long Term Plan, published today, promises to save almost half a million more lives with practical action on major killer conditions and People with dementia occupy at least a quarter of hospital beds and are the biggest users of adult social care services, says Alzheimer's Society A fresh Labour row has erupted after it emerged party veteran Margaret Hodge could be kicked out as an election candidate after being "triggered" by activists in her seat.

Defence officials have claimed they will investigate a soldier who tweeted Angela Rayner saying she "will perish when civil war comes". The police watchdog will decide whether to open a criminal investigation into allegations the prime minister granted favours to a friend when he was London mayor. Also called nth root.

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Also called root directory. Compare crest def 18 , flank def 7.


Australian Informal. Digital Technology. Compare jailbreak def 3. Compare jailbreak def 4. Is root beer the world's most oddly named carbonated beverage What, after all, is the root in root beer? Nearby words rooseveltian , roost , rooster , rooster tail , roosterfish , root , root amputation , root and branch , root beer , root canal , root canal therapy.

Idioms root and branch , utterly; entirely: to destroy something root and branch. Middle English roten, rooten, derivative of the noun.

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Can be confused root rout route. Bible a descendant. Australian and NZ slang sexual intercourse. Also: take root intr to put forth or establish a root and begin to grow. To most of us, organic farming is something of a gold standard, implying harmony with the environment and healthier, more natural produce. All it means is the producer has not used synthetic pesticides or fertilisers.

You can still raze the ground four times a year. You can still use organic pesticides, which sounds okay until you realise how much more environmentally and financially effective it is to just encourage the natural predators that already exist.

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The climate, the plants, the soil Similarly, the nitrates provided by the organic fertiliser will in fact stymie any nitrogen production from legumes. Farmers should be able to make their own compost, which is better-suited. Ecological farming is knowing the relationship between the climate, the plants, the soil and so on, respecting this relationship, and supporting it in your approach to farming. While the almonds have yet to ripen, the furry green buds smell full of promise.

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The variations are too subtle to detect. Simple, yet effective This is farming at its most simple, yet most effective.

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The farmer tills just once a year, a policy implemented as a money-saving exercise, but continued once it became clear how much better the soil was as a result. Nor does he have a degree in agriculture. Among the young people of Spain, and indeed elsewhere in Europe, the role of farmer has increasingly come to denote poor education—even small-mindedness.

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Redressing this perspective and repositioning farming as a professional career, worthy of respect and demanding knowledge and skills, is as fundamental to the Commonland and AlVelAl initiatives as wood pasture grazing. If their businesses are to have a chance of surviving into the next decade, these farmers need a younger generation: their understanding of marketing and trading, and their English. French and Spanish were the only languages he permitted. Shifting landscape Are times changing? Like many in this region, he supplements his living as a farmer with an additional income—in his case, a collection of beautifully converted caves.

They know about marketing, about the hard lines of packaging design and commerce, but they also care deeply about environment.