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Summary: A group of 25 bugs are on the parade ground marching in front of the queen. But the problem is that this queen demands tidy rows in their marching arrays with no remainders.

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The story illustrates the concept of remainders within the context of arrays. Log in or register to create plans from your planning space that include this resource. Use the resource finder. Home Resource Finder.

This is an activity based on the picture book A Remainder of One. NA Use simple additive strategies with whole numbers and fractions.

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  • Specific Learning Outcomes. Students will be able to model the answer to division problems by equal sharing as a set of equal groups and a whole number remainder.

    Remainders - A Little Left Over

    Students will be able to express a division problem as an equation and explain what each number in the equation represents in relation to their model. Description of Mathematics. There are a limited number of ways that each whole number can be evenly divided by other whole numbers.

    What should we do with the remainder?

    Scaffolded Math and Science: Free posters for the book A Remainder of One

    My goal today? Stay tuned! Follow fourthgradestudio. Here we put them in 3 groups and set aside our leftovers….


    So insects all scurried for any cool shade, from mushrooms or leaf, they watched a parade. We haven't personally used them with our classes, but some have a lot of positive reviews. Now that you've seen this great book, what would you like to see now? Please note that as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying p u rchases. We sell math kids books that are used but still in great shape!

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