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The addition of Cherri's grandmother was a special part of the story and she made me laugh throughout the story with her blunt comments and mixed-up idioms. A great sequel to 'Dangerous Curves Ahead'. Feb 13, May rated it it was ok Shelves: , curvy-babe. I loved the characters and the book started off so well.

But the second half of the book made me so sad and the story while it has a HEA ending left me down instead of being uplifted. Instead of two broken people healing together, it made it feel like they were more broken. Sep 13, Melissa added it. Sep 16, Amy rated it it was amazing. This was super fucking good. And that epilogue, though :. Sep 06, Momreadstoomuch added it. Really funny romantic comedy. The main characters were believable and well written. I wish there were more in this series. Feb 02, Tricha Leary rated it it was amazing. Colin and Cherri are such a fun couple. They are great friends and end up being so much more to each other and they don't even realize it.

Jamison continues with her trademark humor and sexy hunks in her newest book, Thrown for a Curve. I can't get enough of these characters and accompanying them on their journey through love. I laugh, I cry, And I even curse, but you cant help but be apart of their stories. Summary: Charlotte "Cherri" Rudy isn't like most women. For one thing, Cherri isn't petite, sleek, and graceful. Instead she's six foot tall with unruly blonde hair and curves that go on for miles. But her appearance isn't all that makes Cherri different. Most girls her age are partying it up in college, sleeping around, and genuinely being selfish, but Cherri can't be that way, nor does she want to be.

Cherri finds more happiness and contentment taking care of her elderly grandmother or Baba, even if she has to put her dreams on hold for a while. After all, Baba and Papa forewent their retirement in order to raise Cherri when her mother walked out. Cherri owes them nothing less than complete support and devotion, but sometimes the possibilities she could have seen for herself overwhelm her, and have her thinking what if. Knowing she needs to find more and better work than just being a saleswoman for her best friends' clothing and dress shop, Cherri takes a job with the sexy, Irish Colin O'Connell, who also happens to be a friend and the one guy who makes her heart pound right out of her chest.

Unfortunately, Cherri is all to aware of the type of women Colin fancies, and it certainly isn't a big lass such as herself, is it? Colin hired Cherri to work in is restoration shop due to her incredible artistic talent. The way she paints isn't just art, but a piece of herself she's putting into the piece, and it's beautiful to see. But before he realizes it, Colin starts to see the beautiful woman Cherri is in more ways than one. Before he can stop it, he's feeling feelings that a man shouldn't be feeling for a woman twelve years his junior, but a pull deeper than he can imagine won't let him stay away.

He also knows that he's too damaged from his own past to be what such a young, spirited woman needs. Cherri also tries to keep a distance between them, considering her grandmother's declining health and with her own dreams so close to being fulfilled. But romance sometimes creeps up on people. No one has control of how much they want another person, and that's just where Colin and Cherri find themselves. Unfortunately, Cherri is more vulnerable than either she or Colin thought, and a grave loss quickly followed by shocking news threatens to buckle them at the knees. Colin and Cherri are left to sort through their demons and how they truly feel for each other, and they will struggle with doubts and insecurity.

The only question that needs to be answered is if they are who the other needs to be happy?

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I adored Cherri. She was sweet and a bit shy, but with a wicked sense of humor. She was so strong for living the life she did and taking care of her Baba, and at such a young age. The heartache she felt and her subsequent depression really got to me. I know that feeling, and was cheering her on to get better.

Colin was awesome. I loved him in Mike and Ellis's story, and his own was no less fantastic. He had a difficult childhood and his insecurity about not being able to be loved was heartbreaking, but I love the man it made him become. He was intense and determined to provide and care for his family so that they could be happy no matter what. This was a beautiful story and along with the body issues it addressed, gave a good example of how love can happen anywhere, even between two people who may think it can't.

I'm totally frothing at the mouth at the mysterious look at Belinda. I cannot wait for her story, especially after reading books three's blurb. Sugar Jamison's writing is entertaining and real. I love the feeling that I'm reading about everyday real life people.

Have Yourself a Curvy Little Christmas (Perfect Fit, book ) by Sugar Jamison

It sucks me in more. I can't ain't for book three or any other book she decides to write because I'm sure I'm a fan for life. Feb 28, Marlene rated it liked it. The heroine was snarktastically funny, and her curvy self gets her HEA without having to diet or drastically change anything except her attitude about accepting herself. One of the best things about the story was the way it centered around her clothing store, Size Me Up, and the crew who worked there.

I want a Size Me Up store in my neighborhood—a place that caters to women who are not a standard size, and provides terrific fashion advice AND alterations to make everything fit just right. Thrown for a Curve is about one of the crew at Size Me Up. But Colin is 12 years older than Cherri, and his overprotective buddy Mike has declared that Cherri is off limits. Cherri is still sailing up the river of denial, and pretending that her Baba is not getting progressively worse fast.

Meanwhile, Cherri is working to support the two of them and living in a house that is falling down around them. While Cherri is dealing with grief and loss, Colin is the one who steps in to help her. Cherri has been incredibly self-sacrificing, and sometimes she seems both too good and too innocent. For a series that started out much lighter, Thrown for a Curve is weighed down by all the angst of the two main characters.

I want to go back to the store. I also still want the store. Apr 05, Swanangel15's Book Review rated it liked it. This book was old school with a modern twist. Do people still get married because of those reasons? I liked this book, but the girl was a little unfair in the middle of the book. Cherri is a tall, curvaceous amazon but does not wish to be. Having lived her entire life with guys passing her over for the shorter, more glamorous woman. She found it hard to accept herself. Working at Size Me Up, a clothing store that only caters to the plus size woman, Cherri feels as if she can finally fit in.


But be This book was old school with a modern twist. But being the youngest out of all her friends, the downside is that they treat her like a baby. Having student loans to pay back, a sick, elderly grandmother and a dog that just does not know his place. Cherri barely knows what to do with herself. Can she turn her life around and finally be able to think about only herself.

Before she can find out, a lot of events happened at once and it all started with Colin. Colin cannot believe that at his age, he is lusting after a twenty-something girl old woman. A woman who acts mature for her age and has curves in all the right places. He can't seem to stay away from her, even with all the warnings from their mutual friends. Plus, his confidence in actually maintaining a steady relationship is really low, due to growing up with his dad. When misfortune after misfortune, kept happening the sexy blonde he can't get out of his head, Colin knew that he had to step in and be there for her.

Whether she wants him too or not? Can Colin get over his hang-ups and pursue Cherri? Will Cherri let him take care of her, seeing as how she has been the one to take care of everything? Is this the last book I'm going to read from Sugar Jamison until she writes another one? I really enjoyed this book in the beginning. There was humor and sweetness when Cherri sat on the ground when her grandmother dressed her and did her make up for the Birthday Party her friend were throwing for her.

The result was horrible, but Cherri actually went to the party looking like a hot mess, just to make her grandmother happy. I really liked Cherri, before things seem to go horribly wrong. Cherri seemed to have been a mature woman for an age who somehow turned into an immature brat in the middle of the book. Colin was not a piece of cake to work with either.

He was a player in his youth and decided to find a woman to settle down with. The downside is that the only woman he was thinking about was too young for him and his friends seem not to approve. When they could not deny the chemistry between them anymore, bad things seem to happen. One of them is that Cherri's grandmother died. I cried, one minute she was healthy as an ox and the next she's gone. Everyone loved her, and it was hard for everyone to lose her, especially Cherri, but how she lashed out on Colin was so not cool.

It turned from Cherri being too good to Colin to Colin being the way too good for her. Leaving her was the best decision he has ever made, OOPS! Spoiler Alert! But did he get very far? The bad thing about this book is, Cherri did not figure anything our for herself. Everyone had to spell it out for her. Her grandmother was the first one to put her in her place, then her friends and finally Colin when he walked out on her.

The book is still a good read but Cherri really disappointed me. Jun 29, Home. To read this review and others like it check out my site at www. There were parts that I really liked and then there were parts that I just thought were okay-ish. I didn't completely fall head over heads in love with the book, but it was still an enjoyable read, and truth be told it was not exactly what I was expecting. So at the beginning I was a little annoyed, I know that Cherri is a big girl, she's super tall and not pencil sized, To read this review and others like it check out my site at www.

So at the beginning I was a little annoyed, I know that Cherri is a big girl, she's super tall and not pencil sized, which made me happy I don't know about you but I like my romance characters to be realistic, I want to think of them as people I could run into at the grocery store, not the unobtainable supermodel on the magazine covers. But for me, it felt overly talked about in the beginning.

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It seems like two pages couldn't go by where there was reference to Cherri's size, and there is just so much more to her character than her size that I felt like it did a disservice to her. Yes, I know that she's insecure, understandable, most girls are about one thing or another, but it just felt like too much of the storyline in the beginning was about her size. That being said, Cherri is a tough girl, and I liked her at moments and wanted to shake her at others.

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She's devoted to her grandmother, taking care of her as she's getting dementia and at times becoming combative with her. Even though it's hard on Cherri she keeps going because she loves her grandmother so much. She's smart, educated, artistic, and strong, my kind of lady. But once she gets together with Colin I have so many "what are you thinking" moments that I wanted to jump in the book and shake her.

I felt like a switch flips halfway through the book and suddenly Cherri has so many more selfish qualities, although some what understandable, I still wanted to shake her. Colin, I totally loved. He is a reformed playboy who only wants to do right by Cherri. He doesn't think he would be good for her so he spends so much time at the beginning just being her friend, that it actually ends up building a great foundation for the two of them. He builds a relationship not just with her but with her grandmother as well, he's just a really good guy, and I really loved reading him.

Plus the whole Irish thing was pretty hot too. What started out as a lighthearted book turned into one much more serious and more reflective of real life and how relationships can be hard. I thought that the author did a good job with that. There were some seriously heartbreaking moments, and moments where I was really invested.

That being said the second half of the book I think was too long, or the pace needed to be picked up, it started to become a bit repetitive and slower. I also thought that the reemergence of Colin's ex at the end was unnecessary and actually did more harm then good to the story itself. I have to say this is not the book I expected going in, but it was a pretty good read. I wouldn't recommend this book if you are looking for a fast funny read, you may get that in the first half, but the second half becomes a much more intense and sometimes seriously heartbreaking book.

But if you like romances that feel a little bit more like reality than the unrealistic fairy tale then I think this might be the book for you. Feb 16, Char 1RadReader59 rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , netgalley , contemporary , chick-lit , curvy-bbw , groups , plus-sized , military-romance , arc. Two lonely souls stuck in a rut. She still has a problem with the English language and all its phrases. Which makes her a hoot. Cherri knows Colin through her best friends Belinda and Ellis who she works for. They have been friends since college.

She is not just take by have for his fantastic looks but he could talk his way into your heart with that Irish accent. Cherri had started working for Ellis and Belinda at such a young age 2 years ago they all think of her not only as their friend but as their little sister.

So, the protectiveness is there. Then, as fate would have it meet-cutes keep happening for them. The two of them become entwined as bantering friends. Baba has become important to him since the first meet-cut and he told Cherri he would return Rufus her dog to the house and check on her grandma. So, now he visits her several times a week without Cherri knowing. Next thing you know she shows up at his shop asking him to fix something precious to her Baba.

He is able to sell it and get her another job and more money. He know she really needs it since he sees how tired she always is and how the house they are living in is falling apart around them and she is living in a part of the house with not heating. So while he is visiting with her grandma he fixes things for her without her knowing. Then, he there is so many people that find out about her painting that he hires her to work with him at his shop to doing what she loves full time which is paining.

Not her flaws that she sees but the curves and the heights that perfectly to him. Yet, at the end you know you still have to say those 3 little words because sometimes you just need and want to her them from those you love. You are left with a wonderful sense of HEA and family when you finish this book and that is always a nice way to end any book. This book was provided by netgalley. Feb 10, Hannah rated it really liked it. Sugar Jamison a self declared Southern Bell writes a hilarious story about to people who never would have thought they would hook up. Colin wants a mature woman his age and Cherri accepted in her mind that she would never be a man's dream woman.

These two are absolutely perfect for each other and it is an emotional journey for them and an excellent read for you. Cherri was raised by her grandparents having been abandoned by her mother as a toddler, now she is taking care of her grandmother, lovingly called Baba. Cherri loves her job working in a plus sized boutique and going to school for her teaching degree so she can teach art, but with Baba getting older and showing early signs of Alzheimer's she needs to be spending more time at home, enter Colin.

Colin is best friends with Cherri's best friend's husband Ellis and Mike from Dangerous Curves Ahead book one of the series. Cherri and Colin have known each other for about a year and each felt an attraction for the other never acting on it, until after Cherri's twenty-second birthday. Colin was convinced that Cherri was to young still a girl at twenty-two but that didn't stop him from looking and enjoying the view. No matter what he started to feel protective over Cherri and having deep feeling for her he didn't want to have with someone younger.

Young but somehow more mature then other girls her age, and her full figure and tall statuesque gorgeous good looks were not helping in that matter. Not wanting to but needing to spend more time with her he finds excuses to be around her, she gives him the best excuse when Baba accidentally breaks the music box Cherri and her Grandfather fixed and painted for her.

Seeing just how good and artist Cherri is, Colin asks her to work part time in his restoration shop hand painting furniture for him. She is a big hit and can now afford to keep a nurse with Baba who is gradually getting worse. Colin and Cherri finally give in to the attraction and sleep together when he rescues her from a bad first date. It was supposed to be just for the summer.

It was supposed to be no strings attached, but Clayton can't get the woman off his mind or out of his heart and he wonders if a life without Daisy is a life worth having. Will this just be a summer fling, or can the two overcome their pasts and find a future together? About Book Clayton Calhoun had been a soldier his entire life, but after nearly dying in an explosion, he decided to give up his military career and return to his hometown.

Sugar Jamison is one of my auto-buy authors. Shop by Department. Search Kindle Store. Scegli per categoria. Accedi Il mio account Iscriviti a Prime Clayton Calhoun had been a soldier his entire life, but after nearly dying in an explosion, It was Report this Page. My Curvy Valentine. Sugar Jamison writes great stories about BBW. For sure it was a shot of hard liquor lit on fire place.

Fruity flavored drinks for ladies in distress happens to be my specialty. Come on. He moved to wrap his arm around my shoulders and I hated that I flinched. He raised his hands and took a healthy step back. Everyone has their boundaries. I was severely out of practice talking to someone who was trying to be nice to me, much less a man as good looking as this guy. I shimmied out of the coat and held it out to him.

I wished I kept it on though. I was still chilled through and that coat had seen better days. Not in a private swanky club like this. No way I had enough cash in my pocket to pay for said fruity-flavored drink either. Water it would be for me. If I was lucky I could snack on their condiments while no one was looking. Hot guy threw my jacket over his shoulder and waved me down the hall. It only took me a few more steps to realize there was no one else here. So, where is everyone? Playing a kinky game of hide and seek? Hot guy led me toward a bar on the nearest wall, which he slid behind and hung my jacket on a hook.

The club is closed for the holiday. I only stopped by to grab a present I left behind. My brain got straight onto the dirty town train imagining exactly what kind of present one could acquire from here and who it might be for. Glasses clinked and hot guy chuckled. I straightened up. He slid a hot drink that smelled like Christmas in a cup over to me. I could practically see the visions of sugar plum flavored lube dancing in your head.

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Totally busted. Instead I grabbed the mug and took a long-hot swig. The heat of fancy liqueur, something harder, and spiced chai melted my insides like a snowman in Dubai. For a second you relaxed. Whoever or whatever your running from melted away and the I got to see the real woman sitting across from me. This man was too perceptive by half. By a million and half.

Instead I took another sip of his magic drink. He tipped his head to the side and narrowed his eyes at me, studying me even more. I shrugged. Lying all the time is fucking exhausting.

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Hide and lie. Lie and hide. Just for a second, I wanted to be me again. It was just him and me. He could do anything he wanted to me and no one would ever know. There was something about him that made me feel warm and protected. Which was ridiculous and the alcohol talking. Remember, if you want to help come up with the ideas for the continuing story — come join me, either on Facebook or on the Curvy Connection.