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I memorized 2 Corinthians and cried out to the Lord.

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I read my Bible, attended church, and prayed. Even though my quiet times had become sporadic, I found comfort and reassurance in his presence. I saw His love for me not only in the ability to get through each day but in the love I received from others.

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This provided me with insight into the importance of human contact in grief. Keeping in touch with supportive people and avoiding isolation was vital for my healing. Reviewing the many sympathy cards provided another pathway for healing. The Holy Spirit used many avenues to comfort me and prepare me for additional losses to come.

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My recovery was long and arduous, especially for my husband. Then the year before my oldest son was born, I received another phone call. Dad had died. When I gave birth to Matt, I felt as if he was born into grief because he had no grandparents. My hopes for my parents and children to have a relationship would never be realized.

This served as a painful reminder of the loss of my parents. It seemed as if the addition of Andrew helped complete our family. Matt was thrilled to become a big brother.

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While my two boys were a handful, I loved being a stay-at-home mom and actively participating in their lives, as did my husband. Although we were acquainted with death and trauma, we were not prepared for the depth of pain that would occurred with the death of our child. I call on the Lord in my distress, and he answers me. Psalm To Be Continued.

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This might be done for years. So the thing to do when a loss occurs is NOT to surpress and bottle up our feelings, but to be aware of the mechanism of grief. Shed tears if they come, but understand the long range futility of sadness. Start creating money without delay. Get longer together with your family by doing jobs.

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Dr Bill Webster is passionately committed to assisting others on the difficult grief journey.

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More Posts. Medical Science Needs to Partner with Ethics Bioethics helps us understand technologies and then set medical priorities. The Neuro-Scientific Basis of Morality Genetic predispositions combine with environmental stimuli to produce ethics.