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And don't make your guy or his roommates or your dad sit through it!

How to Plan a Jack and Jill Wedding Shower

I am okay with the groom showing up for the last half-hour or so to participate in an embarrassing game, say thank you to all the ladies, and help haul the gifts to the car. Other than that, I don't think guys and showers are a good mix. What do you think? Have you attended a Jack-and-Jill shower?

Was it fun for everyone? I know, I know. Plus, my friend Phoebe did the same thing last year and her house is WAY bigger than mine. Do you really need to squeeze them for more cash just you can have a photo booth and mustache props? Throwing a casual party after the wedding for friends and family — and not charging them for it — might be a better alternative. Look, I know weddings can be hella expensive. But a wedding is as expensive or as economically friendly as you want it to be.

As with most important investments, planning a wedding comes down to priorities and financial integrity. If you want to accept financial support from willing family members and close friends, then that is your prerogative, but no one should be coerced into paying for your succulents, or any other wedding expense, no matter how exciting a game of Pin the Donkey or the Groom is.

Sign-up for our weekly newsletter and get the best of She Does the City in your inbox or follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Now, people get married much later. So so so brutal. Plan a wedding you can afford. These events are not fun for anyone!

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Seen this many times. People wanting their friends to pay for their wedding! Some even coming out and asking for cash.

How to Plan a Stag and Doe (or Jack and Jill) Party

No parties no gifts just a simple ceremony to exchange vows in a forest with the ones we love. Literally just realized my aversion to Pinterest goes hand in hand with my aversion to weddings.

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Great article. These are so tacky! When did it become the norm to bankrupt your friends and family so you can have your dream day!? Not happening. I have a friend who married a guy whose father was one of So staging a Jack and Jill was a way for the community to come together and support the kids of their community and give them a bash that also helped the parents out with paying for the church and the dress.

I can see why people find them distasteful, because anyone who wants to save their wallet can host one to pass the expensive ceremony onto the attendants. Would I ever host one myself? Absolutely not.

Personal preference. The reality is so much weirder. There are so many people that really enjoy going to these functions and do so as a night out with their friends and to reconnect with people they may not have seen in years.


Yeah, gets a thousand times worse if you start procreating. Oh just be happy for people, nothing wrong with jack and jills not everyone is fortunate enough to have their rich parents fund it, sometimes people receive the support and feel the love surrounding their marriage from events like these. I had never ever heard of this before moving to Ontario. To avoid disappointment, be transparent with your intentions. All of these details will help your loved ones understand the purpose of the event and to not think of you as greedy. Don't have great expectations Selling drink tickets is not the key to obtaining an enormous fortune, so don't go into your own Jack and Jill expecting to raise enough money for a Hollywood-style celebration.

Inspiring Jack And Jill Shower Invitation Templates Pictures - Mericahotel

While it might be fun to guess how much money you'll raise, you will most likely be disappointed and resentful if you set your hopes too high. Do plan smartly "So many times the bride and groom only consider stocking up the bar and then offer nothing but chips and salsa for guests," says Schmitz. Schmitz suggests pairing your Jack and Jill with an upcoming holiday, such as Halloween, St.

Chances are your guests would already be planning to spend some money on bar covers and drinks, and will be inclined to celebrate two occasions at once instead. Don't be cheap Yes, everyone who purchases a ticket to your Jack and Jill will know that you're a little short on cash for your actual wedding, but that doesn't mean you can cheapen your event with tacky decorations and bad booze.

Sure, these details may cost you some time, but if people are helping to pay for your wedding, what's a few weekends spent cutting ribbons and tying bows? The last thing anyone wants to see is an alcohol-induced meltdown where the bride succumbs to her bridal stresses and whimpers about not being able to afford her dream centrepieces.