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Try adding avocado to your smoothie. Maybe even in place of banana. It keeps it creamy while reducing sugars and maximizing good fats. I live in mexico so Avos are very affordable. Ryan Anderson May 15, , pm. Daniel B May 15, , pm. I know this sounds crazy but cauliflower actually works as a banana substitute if you want to avoid the sugar from the nanner. Plus cauliflower is good and easy to roast as a side for dinner, for salads, or with hummus, etc. Donna Kuper May 16, , pm.

Gee, thanks for this tip. I do agree that roasted cauliflower is delicious. Evan May 16, , pm. Avocados rule in smoothies! It took my green smoothies to a whole new level with the buttery, tasty texture it added. I went from using a whole banana to a half of a banana and about a third of an avocado. Casey May 23, , am. I recently moved to the Southeastern US after spending five years in the Boulder area and the cost of produce was the most shocking to me well, okay, that and the increase in my car insurance rates! It was plenty to last me the full workweek. I went from eating them frequently in Colorado to rarely here, even though I love them.

Money Mustache May 23, , pm. In general the Southeastern US is the cheapest place to live, eat, drive, and everything else. Whereas Boulder is one of the most expensive — for housing and restaurants, although admittedly groceries remain competitive. But what city exactly have you chosen? And are there Costcos there? Dave May 27, , pm. MM May 16, , am.

Chia seeds are my smoothie additive of choice. Super inexpensive, healthy, full of good fats and resistant starches. And it helps keep the smoothie in a suspended state. Oh, and they are shelf stable pretty much forever. Nakia May 17, , pm. If I am worried they will go bad before I can eat them all, I cut them into chunks, freeze spread out on a cookie sheet, then bag up for smoothies. They really do add a great texture. I concur on the avocado in the smoothie.

Sounds odd but it adds a next level creamy smooth texture to smoothies. Avo blends well see what I did there? Blow your mind delicious. Great post, thank you! It outlines the nutritional profile as well, which is mostly just interesting and helps me tweak things here and there. My biggest downfall is the homemade bread I bake a few times a week. My family loves it but its very easy to toast and lather in butter or PB when its just out on the table all day. Freebie May 20, , am. I quite agree with you, flour increases the absorption through the intestinal wall by dramatically increasing the surface area of the grain.

Though homemade bread can arguably be healthier than store bought as most store bought breads are incredibly high in added sodium, bread is not helpful when the goal is weight loss. Oil has also been shown to damage arteries and promote atherosclerosis. Kira May 26, , pm. If you prefer to not read the abundant information on the topic, Sadie12 summed it up quite nicely May 16, , pm :. Mike September 16, , pm.

Marcia May 15, , pm. Dropped 8 lbs without even trying. And all I did was sub other grains for bread oats, rice, corn. MB May 15, , pm. Food has always been, still is and might continue to be my most difficult expense to tame. I do all the hacks of eating the same meals, meal prep, etc. Meal times get quite confusing indeed. Dave May 15, , pm. I often think about how crazy it seems that Groceries could be our second biggest spending category. Mable May 15, , pm. We found that eating the same thing every day for breakfast and lunch reduces both the bill and the over-eating.

We also started eating soups a lot in the evenings, which are cheap and nutritious when homemade. It is sort of like not buying something until you have waited 30 days and then you never end up buying it because the impulse is gone. If I want to be piggy on Tuesday, I remind myself that Friday night is coming—but by then I have often lost the desire for a blow-out meal.

Liz May 18, , pm. They do get some human food also. My husband has severe food allergies, so everything he eats is organic, preservative free, etc. It drove me crazy for about the first year and then I just realized that having him healthy was worth the additional cost. We accept food is important to us and how we buy food matters. So we buy local organic from the coop as much as possible. It drives the cost up but we get high quality and support the community in ways we care about. Our goal is to have most meals prepared at home out of good ingredients.

If we manage that, we count ourselves as good. Laurie May 17, , am. This is how my husband and I do things, as well. We eat out often, but we also eat good food from real ingredients while doing so. Our food budget is high, but our other costs are low to nothing. Tom May 15, , pm. Am I the only one that saw the lunch table and immediately thought is that a tilapia peanut butter and banana sandwich? ABC May 15, , pm. Keep it simple, eat at home rather than at a restaurant. The cost of poor health is enormous. JoeHx May 15, , pm.

I need to eat better. I do try to understand my eating habits and adjust my food purchases accordingly. I try to keep only simple food in the kitchen. One easy and simple alternative to Pop Tarts is peanut butter on whole wheat bread. If toasted, and add a bit of honey, this is a great breakfast.

Plus some milk, I think. Dunny June 23, , am. You can also make your own pop tarts. They are way better for you and way tastier than the box versions. Though my oatmeal is still better and cheaper. We need to make it again to try now that I know more about how it cooks i might get it to be more even and together. Simple Money Man May 15, , pm. I like your diet; although the breakfast seems light especially since you are breaking your fast It allows us to think through our meals and make sure there is balance in terms of veggies, protein, healthy fats etc.

Then we add items to our grocery cart based off of our list. DLcygnet May 15, , pm. Do you have an estimate of how much cholesterol is in everything you just listed? Thank you! I keep a record of current and past blood tests including some more detailed ones from WellnessFx and everything looks good so far.

I think a bigger factor in blood levels of both good and bad stuff comes from sugar and alcohol intake, stress, and inactivity. Martin May 15, , pm. Toby Bridgman May 15, , pm. The Framingham study showed that it is this ratio that matters when considering heart disease risk. His diet is perfect for reducing the ratio. High consumption of sweet foods and elevated blood sugar is usually the cause of elevated LDL.

DLcygnet May 16, , am. Despite being pregnant and total cholesterol staying roughly the same , my ratio came down from 5. LDL is a very, very poor marker for cardiovascular disease. Fascinating that it is still quoted. Definitely no alcohol for me right now. Angie Hofmann May 16, , pm. I think it has very much to do with overall diet and quality of food versus too many eggs Etc.

I grew up on Maui which of course is super expensive, and so have created a lot of frugal life hacks over the years so that I can continue to live here where I want to live forever :- keep on rocking it, mmm! Carey May 16, , pm. I also recommend WellnessFx for tracking blood test results; you can input the results you receive from your doctor and print good reports at no cost. FireHackerOne May 29, , am. Another LDL instigator is high fructose corn syrup.

Way back, I read some research and watched a loooong YouTube video about how it contributes to high cholesterol. Apparently, in most cases dietary cholesterol passes through. Stop drinking all those sodas! It also shows up as a top ingredient in many processed foods. Thanks for the article. It helps to show the mustachian lifestyle has benefits beyond the bank account. The type of cholesterol that is measured in your blood is made by the liver. If MMM has no health concerns a diet like this will keep him in optimum health.

Cholesterol ratio, blood sugar, and triglycerides will be as good as they can be for him. A great example of what a person can do for their health on a budget. My HDL stayed at around It makes me sad when people share nutritionfacts. Like many most? His books, articles, and such will promote that agenda. I agree — nutritionfacts. But still, there is some validity to the argument if you go Vegan and end up with a mostly-carbohydrate diet. Filip Dvorak May 16, , am.

Does it mean that any information coming from a hardcore vegan activist is inaccurate? Please see my response to Marcia about his independence. To me, his organization is a great source of information and I believe he is not in it for the money as he rejects any ads, sponsorships etc just like you here I think. To your second point… It does not mean that anyone who eats the way he recommends, will look like him.

We are all different and we have different body types. Moreover, it does not mean that you cannot thrive on the diet he recommends as a bodybuilder. Anyone can use his tips for their own benefit. Marcia May 17, , pm. It means that the information he shares on his site will ONLY be the kind that supports his agenda.

The studies that show the health benefits to eating wild fatty fish especially for your brain , are numerous. But no vegan wants to read that. Freebie May 16, , pm.

Tell that to these guys:. He also backs up his posts with links to the studies. Aside from the fact that he advocates a plant based diet, what specific issues do you have with his videos? Like Caldwell Esselstyn and T. Derek Morrison May 16, , pm. As for that, he claims to practice what he preaches and walks up to 17 miles a day on his treadmill desk:. I started with a standing desk when I read all the research about the dangers of sitting all day.

Then I figured I could also move a little bit. FrugalStrong May 16, , pm. I agree. Size and body composition are not an automatic indicator of health.

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This unfortunate message that is permeated in our culture today is why so many, especially women, suffer from disordered eating. HeadedWest May 18, , pm. One of the most important lessons I want to impart to my daughter and my son when they are old enough to understand these things, is that excess body fat is so strongly correlated with lifestyle disease that they should make sacrifices in their life to avoid it, and if they ever find themselves to be overweight it would be Better if they changed their lifestyle to lose said fat.

And if that makes some people feel bad or sad or mad I absolutely do not give a damn. FrugalStrong June 1, , pm. Agree, with everything you say except use of the word sacrifices. I do not consider eating healthy food and being physically active a sacrifice in any way. The attitude that giving up stuffing yourself with junk food is a sacrifice is a problem with many people. Raise the kids on healthy food and lead them in an active lifestyle and they will have the right attitude.

Justin May 22, , pm. But I must agree with Freebie and Derek, below. Body shaming Dr. Do you know what might convince them? Showing them living proof without trying to force it down their throats that the lifestyle works. Justin May 28, , pm. I could google a bunch of photos of buff vegans, if I felt like it, but that would be equally dumb. C L Ray June 1, , pm. Oh please. Not interested in bodybuilders? There is a lot of junk science concering nutrition sponsored by the industry that is trying to promote its product Beef, egg, dairy. Whole food plant based diet! MsMiniMustache May 15, , pm.

I hope no one falls for that! MsMiniMustache May 18, , am. Take a closer look at your assumptions in that comment. And I maintain my dislike for the way he hides his agenda, and for the similar lack of disclosure from the OP. Kat O May 21, , am. If we go way way back, research itself is faulty — null hypotheses are rarely published and most results, while peer-reviewed, turn out to not be replicable. Mostly plants. Not too much. On the frugality side, I take a page from diets in countries like Ethiopia, India, and Mexico: some combo of cheap protein and grains beans, lentils, rice with veggies and a whole lotta flavor spices are exceptionally good for you!

CG October 25, , pm. If you are looking for an expert, Dr. Dean Ornish—creator of the Ornish diet—is about as credible as you are going to get. If you are looking for weight loss only, pretty much any diet that restricts calories might transiently drop pounds, but if you are talking about substantially reducing cardiovascular risk factors as well as statins and actually reversing ischemic disease, a whole-foods plant-based diet is simply what all of the best evidence shows. Might as well look at the diet recommended by the American College of Cardiologists, the American College of Physicians, the American Association of Pediatrics, and every other credible medical association advocates: a whole foods diet, in which plants make up as large a component as possible.

Ahhh yes!! Because it interests me. Both in the cost category and the health category. In any event, I love the detailed analysis, and I occasionally go through this effort myself. I am definitely a creature of habit. Once I lost the had-a-baby-atweight, and found an eating plan that kept it off, I stuck with it. Now I just go with the repeatable flow, and if I put a few pounds on — I can usually directly attribute it to stress and chocolate.

So I cut back on that. I have about 3 things that I rotate around for breakfast oatmeal with PB, yogurt and fruit, eggs and tortillas. I eat a big salad for lunch every single day. I eat fruit and nuts for snacks. Dinner is a protein, a carb, and a lot of veggies. Unsurprisingly, veggies are our biggest expense — I probably buy and prep lbs a week fruit and veg for four.

Carbs are generally for breakfast and dinner only. For the boys…well they are 12 and almost They go through phases where they eat little and phases where I wonder which is the hollow leg. We keep the grocery budget down by bulk cooking — I cook 2 big meals a weekend and we alternate them for dinners. Thanks Marcia, I found this really helpful, having had babies at 42 and 54! Not sure what that is in pounds and WHY are Americans still using pounds???? Ms Blaise May 24, , am. Nice joy May 15, , pm. Narrative May 15, , pm. CapitalistRoader May 15, , pm. Great article! Anything that gives me the Power of Potatoes without so much white starch could be a nice ally.

Kristi May 15, , pm. Daikon is a staple in South Indian cooking! Chop it with some carrot, red onion and cucumber and dress with lemon juice and salt for an awesome salad. Or make a delicious Sambar. H-mart is great, or a local Indian store will have it just as cheap. Lurker May 19, , am. AliKat July 9, , pm.

Renard May 16, , am. Learned to love and live on Daikon while stationed in Japan….. Daikon ikimasho….. Bob Hall May 16, , am. Katie May 15, , pm. Silly question…how do you mix your coconut oil in your coffee? Maybe I need to condition to it. I am curious to know exactly how you make it, since it does look a bit frothy. I take about 5 oz of whole milk, heat it for 50 seconds in the microwave, then scoop in the coconut oil. The Vigilante May 15, , pm. Genuine question. I have never taken the wattage reader to my espresso machine.

Stephen May 16, , am. Genuine question on my part — how much does it cost to run a microwave for 50 seconds? Clay May 17, , am. Money Mustache May 18, , pm. Sebastian May 15, , pm. Do you find yourself indulging on local food stuffs from there? I call us Longmontians. What matters is the overall eco footprint and health profile of what you choose, and since transportation distance is only a small portion of that footprint, it makes sense not to prioritize that part of it too much. Faststash May 16, , pm. While I agree that the overall eco foot print is what matters, the local produce we eat from the CSA has a number of other amazing benefits.

We eat healthy, save tons of money there is no middle man between us and the farmer so we get pounds and pounds of fresh produce each week with no mark up , get to know our neighbors at the weekly pick up and are exposed to new vegetables. I plan all my meals around the CSA food we get and I become laser focused on using up or preserving every last scrap of our weekly share.

I enjoy the challenge of attempting to keep our fridge, freezer and pantry at zero waste, but perhaps I should consider your approach and think about the nuances of what my body actually needs. Stacy May 15, , pm. Sounds like you have a good routine. Got to tame the foodie in me and find some balance! Good for you MMM. You continue to be an inspiration! I wish everyone ate this way. Could you imagine how much healthier and happier we would be?! Good on you and thanks for the example. Fireby35 May 15, , pm. All you need to add to this diet is. Heidi Alexander May 15, , pm.

Interesting and inspiring to see the cost break down! If I engage in an intensive cardio workout or skip exercise altogether, I tend to consume many more calories. Sluggishness, fatigue and weight gain easily occur in both scenarios. However, when I do light to moderate yoga 2x each day, I have a much lower appetite and am naturally drawn toward healthier foods. It also has the added benefit of cost savings. By far the biggest challenge for my food budget is living the car free life. This was first inspired by MMM years ago! I am within an hour roundtrip walk to Whole Foods. Costco is at least a 30 minute drive.

I initially thought of renting a car a couple times a month to get there. For now, I follow the single ingredient rule at Whole Foods. I only buy single ingredient items, which keeps me away from the expensive items. About the 30 minute drive to Costco, if you live in an area where Costco has same day delivery, fruits and veggies can be delivered to your home :. Marcylala May 31, , pm. These include insurance and fuel in the hire rate and can be hired on an hourly basis, rather than for the day. I only do a Costco run about every 3 months 15 minute drive. About everty 2 years I stock up on cleaning and paper supplies.

Every 3 months, I stock up on coffee beans and meat repackage into 1 meal packages and freeze. Also, I do farm runs in summer for produce and local fruit in bulk mostly organic worth it for the taste , and I freeze enough for the whole year. The fruit is so fantastic, cheap, and convenient. The rest of the time I shop almost daily often on my walk at small local shops for fresh fruit, veg.

A car is essential for my lifestyle which includes transporting healthy food home and I save quite a lot of money with the flexibility. I find Whole Foods and equivalents way too expensive and there is very little in there that I buy anyway. Living in the city close to a lot of small shops half hour walk in 3 directions has many advantages walking lifestyle, access to best food at food prices.

I almost never go into a grocery store except for those Costco runs. Simplesam May 15, , pm. I absolutely adore food! Sadly, I appreciate restaurants a bit too much, but have cut them out completely until I pay off my debt freedom from that hair-on-fire emergency is very close now. Also I love your breakfast! Never thought to try coconut oil. It sounds intriguing! Sarah May 15, , pm. I know for my family that alone increases costs! Th e main things I buy organic are apples, bananas, and berries due to the likely lowered pesticide load.

Cody May 16, , pm. Beyond that, it is just a matter of personal preference this coming from the sucker who buys everything organic. McFrugal May 17, , am. Darrell May 16, , am. For our family, our decision criteria typically follows the logic of Organic, then In-season, then Local.

The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable.

For example, if these pecans are not organic, are they in-season and can we have a conversation with someone about where they were sourced? Other nuance…we strive to take advantage of what is in-season versus what has been schlepped across the country to our local Costco. Sure, you can get hothouse tomatoes pretty much any time of the year thanks to Mexico grow farms…but finding tomatoes that are local and in-season will taste massively better.

Andrea May 16, , pm. Was curious about the eggs. Anna May 20, , pm. Many local farmers selling produce at the farmers market, for example, meet and even exceed USDA organic standards. Dave Perrins May 31, , am. Really agree with this. Some local non organic producers were amazing in their care for land, environment and people while some organic producers were clearly in it for the extra mark up.

Mark D November 15, , am. I do try to eat organic veggies though. The reason is not pesticides, but herbicides. From what I have read, glyphosphate aka Roundup is not just on the surface of the plant where it can be washed off. The way it works is by being taken into the plant. In a non-round up resistant plant, it interferes with the function of the plant and kills it.

Anonymous May 15, , pm. Has MMM written all over it. I am also puzzled by the amount of protein MMM thinks he needs. This is bro science, not the usual well studied and researched conclusions made by MMM. I worry for his kidneys! Colin Campbell as some jumping off points. Anom June 6, , pm. I wish people would stop referencing the China Study. Michelle February 4, , pm.

Denise Minger ran a multivariate study as univariate. She certainly put a lot of work into it, but made a typical undergraduate statistics mistake. I have an M. We feel great with more energy than ever and our bloodwork has been amazing. It also saves lots of money. Jimmy May 15, , pm.

However, no one enjoys a preachy vegan or whatever thing the preacher is into at that moment. We all live our lives to the best of our abilities and interests. No one is more right than someone else. Tom — agreed, Vegan or at least Vegetarian because eggs can be animal-friendly, eco-friendly and super good for you! Not impossible, but not automatic like it is with the diet I have right now. Every Vegan I know is very enthusiastic about the practice, but none of them has a body that looks like something I would want to live in Instead, I would suggest that the person whose opinions are based more on evidence and science is More Right or at least Less Wrong MMM, there are plenty of vegan athletes with excellent physiques.

Those guys are beasts…. Tom May 16, , am. I agree with Dr. McFrugal and Tom above. Non of the dudes mentioned above share the same body type or athletic level as Dr. Greger, showing that as with most ways of eating, there are many examples of results and outcomes across the spectrum I get though that Dr. Greger is an outspoken proponent of the WFPB diet. I am optimistic this upcoming documentary about plant-based athletes by James Cameron will help break a lot of the misconceptions about this way of eating.

Insects, yes, I had forgotten! Incorporating more organ meats into our diet is my next hurdle. How else do we expect our farmers to be able to transport produce using bike trailers?! Mike May 19, , am. We eat plenty of carbs and fats and our protein intake would probably seem low by conventional standards :. My strength and endurance have both increased dramatically since then while my body fat has decreased.

I strength trained both before and after the transition and have only seen positive results.

absolutely fabulous! - Review of Mayor Capo Di Corfu, Lefkimi - TripAdvisor

In fact after the transition I was encouraged to try more advanced exercises than I had previously attempted. Executioner May 22, , pm. I started following a vegan diet last summer after being vegetarian for almost 10 years. The best way I can describe the way I feel now would be this: You know those days when you roll out of bed feeling great, fully rested, no pains, high energy level, good mood, ready to go? I have more of those now than I ever had before. But I was also surprised that I could feel so much better than I did before, when I already had an optimistic view of my own well-being.

Try it out for a few months and see how it goes for you. And stop focusing on protein! Unless you eat nothing but fruit, as long as you are getting adequate daily calories, you will be getting enough protein. I appreciate the support from MMM below! I applaud the work that MMM has done with this blog. But if I could get him to embrace either a fully, or mostly vegan diet, and if in turn he used the influence of his blog to convince others to do so, well, that would be another huge win for humanity!

Most of us have just been brainwashed by big meat and big dairy or big cheese as I like to call them! I was just surprised that MMM still consumes so much of it himself, given how much of a non-society-conforming badass he is in every other aspect of his life! Brad May 15, , pm. And I started working on this post in roughly , so it has been a VERY small amount of time spent, averaged out on a daily basis Brad May 16, , am.

Thanks for sharing your daily meal plan here. I believe all motivation to do so is fantastic. My biggest win from an eating and money perspective in the past couple of years has been to drastically cut down on the restaurant meals. By adding some focus to my fitness, I find myself having a strong desire not to waste the workout and eat a bit better. Chris Urbaniak May 15, , pm. Suppers and weekends are when the variety comes in :.

Paul May 15, , pm. We use ours all the time. I eat a lot of brown rice and cooked veggies. The Insta-Pot can prepare a large quantity of both in just a few minutes and then you have days worth of dinners already prepared. Just heat in microwave and you are good to go. Makes fabulous mushroom risotto in about 30 minutes time no stirring! Last night it was a splendid vegetable minestrone. If you are living in a situation with a minimal kitchen, the Insta-Pot would be a tremendous asset.

Also clean-up is so easy with one-pot cooking. Great recipes are online for all kinds of dishes, simple to gourmet and meat-based to vegan. Jon May 15, , pm. My wife and I personally follow a Blue Zone inspired whole food and unprocessed exclusively plant based diet. There are multiple studies out there that prove this with respect to better vitality, increased longevity, lowered inflammation, and decreased incidence of chronic disease.

Your diet looks pretty good. After all, oil is really just a processed liquid fat. I minimize all processed foods and avoid eating liquid calories. I would also be careful about eating a lot of tilapia. Not only is being an omnivore a more expensive and polluting way to get protein, it can also pollute our bodies if not done properly. Got links to the multiple studies that show an exclusively plant based diet is the healthiest for long term health?

McFrugal May 22, , pm. This was taken directly from the abstract of this article from Yale Public Health. Agreed on the tilapia, but not as much on the olive oil. If the oil is cold pressed vs. The oils to really avoid are vegetable…corn, canola etc. No bueno. McFrugal May 17, , pm. It is by far one of the more healthier fat choices, especially the cold-pressed EVOO variety.

That is, if you consider pressing is not processing… It has proven health benefits, due to the antioxidants. That said, you should be careful which ones to pick, and I have some doubts on the type that MMM is buying. Once it leaves the farm, you have no idea what is in it. Also, no idea what pesticides are in it. It is definitely processed. You can find numerous articles on this topic. I love good olive oil for the best, you have to go to Greece , but butter is better unless you have a farm source where the oil has not left the farm.

Michelle Owens-Martin May 15, , pm. I have the same child although she will eat more variety at school …. Blue Dove May 15, , pm. I wish there was an app or website that allowed calculation of nutrition value and cost at the same time. Jen May 20, , am. Great idea — can you give me more of an idea of how you would like this to work? I am learning to be a web developer. Blue Dove June 23, , pm. Just like My Fitness Pal, it would draw on some standard database of food cost for your country, region, city or even in my wildest dreams — grocery chain or store, plus allow the user to override the standard data.

So for example, I would enter. Sonya May 15, , pm. I am definitely one that could eat the same thing every. I am surprised that you are prioritizing beef further down on your nutrition list! When I cut back on beef, I was shocked to find that it stopped tasting good to me. S May 15, , pm. Some people call it intermittent fasting, and supposedly it has some good benefits to the body, though research is inconclusive. Regardless, this is a great way to keep your food intake in check and only two meals per day requires less preparation time. Not sure if this is something you have ever tried or not.

Mark May 15, , pm. I was an incredibly picky eater growing up. People marveled that I ate the same lunch every day from 1st grade through graduation.

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All the peanut butter apparently did no lasting harm. Totally appreciate your current food situation. Sounds delicious and decadent to me! My wife and I eat like royalty, yet we are constantly surprised by how little we need to spend on food. To keep things non-promotional, please use a real name or nickname not Blogger My Blog Name. The most useful comments are those written with the goal of learning from or helping out other readers — after reading the whole article and all the earlier comments.

Take a look around. If you think you are hardcore enough to handle Maximum Mustache, feel free to start at the first article and read your way up to the present using the links at the bottom of each article. For more casual sampling, have a look at this complete list of all posts since the beginning of time or download the mobile app. Go ahead and click on any titles that intrigue you, and I hope to see you around here more often. You might also like:. This story really inspired me. They say losing weight reaches a certain plateau and im now at that point.

I started gaining weight probably when i reached the third grade. Like every other kid, i slowly stopped playing outside and was focused more on the electronics. After completely ridding myself of junk food, sodas, and even juice other than homemade , Im now between and always changing. Since my birthday is coming up, I decided that the best present i can give myself is to start exercising more and becoming even more healthy. Its sad seeing everyone happy with boyfriends and the attention from guys, but im always alone… and its not that im desperate for a boyfriend but the lack of attention is seriously making feel not beautiful and ugly.

Over summer, i hope to achieve the weight loss Nikki did so that i can go back to school in August and surprise everyone and most importantly, actually feel good about myself. Thanks a lot Nikki for the burst of inspiration and thank you Cassie for the fun healthy lifestyle you have introduced me to.

Sounds like you have some great motivation! Please keep me posted! Much love from Minnesota:. Hello there! I did have weight problems at age 13, then I went to a psychologist who helped me a lot in this choice and then to a nutriologist that helped me get into shape; people WOULD say to me I had changed a lot, and after a few pounds kilos! As soon as I got back home I started to diet again and lost some more.

Diets came in periods, whenever I felt like doing them. Then I started to watch more of your videos and realized that other things could be fun, too! I love the way you talk to us while we exercise together, how you smile and give us tips on the way… Thank you! Xoxo from Mexico! This is such a gobsmacking story!!!!

You look absolutely amazing, your hard work has absolutely payed off!! Thank you I was wondering if results like this are possible just doing the calendar. Huge congratulations Nikki! Your story has really inspired me, especially since it is so similar to what I have going on. Thank you for sharing! Give it a go ecymta! I was in her size right now..

I agree with her.. OMG thats so crazy!!!!!!!! I cant wait to do what you did!!! You look fabulous!!!

An avenue to explain why I cut my own bangs, along with other mistakes I've made in life.

Thank you for sharing your exciting story. You inspired me to start again :D. Good for you girl! You have totally inspired me to start this! I commend you for never giving up! Nikki, good for you for loving a healthier lifestyle and learning to embrace it! And I just love your hair! Nikki, I am bow over how you transform yourself into a beautiful women. I love your strengh and committment. You have inspire millions of women all over the world and I hope women of all ages read this and be inspire.

Congrats to you, Nikki. Your passion and energy is what I am lacking. I am truly inspire by you and I hope to achieve what you are achieving. I sometimes feel the same thing you do when you describe that you when to the game but then went back to eating. Congratulations, Nikki! I admire your determination and motivation. Oh my gosh! Speaks volumes about your character.

Thank you for sharing your story. OMG Nikki!!! Been two weeks since I have control over my eating habits and the super fun april calender, I can so relate to that positive feeling! Love from India! Congrats, darling! Wonderful job! Now YOU are the inspiration for many women! Thank you for sharing your story with us, love! Congrats Nikki and thanks for taking the time to share your story! You are an amazing young woman!! Congrats Nikki , you look so beautiful … Its really hard for me to take control of my life … any advice? I really wanna lose weight but just like you said i never feel the power enough to go through my job ice cream shop and not eat anything … i constantly feel sad and tired..

It is so nice to hear your story it is wonderful inspiration. Congrats, Nikki!!! You look amazing and should be soooo proud of yourself! Thank you for the inspiration and motivation! Are those 2 pics really a photo of the SAME person! I can hardly believe it!!!! Good on you!!!!! You must be v. And you should be!!! Hey Nikki…I bet you must be feeling great reading all these wonderful comments…and so you should. You put in all the hard work and determination, so you deserve all the limelight.

By sharing your story, you will have inspired so many others. Good on you girl!! Amazing and SO inspirational. I know everyone has said it.. Thanks for sharing Nikki! Ver historias como la de Nikki nos anima para saber que si queremos,podemos! Muchas gracias por compartir esto. You are a true role model! That is really incredible!! It is really inspiring and I really admire your determination! This is not any easy task to accomplish. A healthy diet is not easy to maintain especially with all the temptations around. I am still working towards my goal and your story really give me strength to carry on!!

Congratulations Nikki!! You look amazing and you sound like you feel amazing too. I wanted to tell you that your story is helping me get back on track : Last week was really tough for me because i was sick with some kind of stomach virus. Your story has motivated me to keep going with my health goals and not give up. Thank you for sharing your story with us! Your story is so impressive, definitely shows what willpower and commitment can achieve! Thanks for sharing it with us :. You look great, Nikki! You got me inspired during a bad day, thanks :. True inspiration! And hope to achieve it with blogilates!

You look great. All what it takes is the first step to go for our goals. Your positive energy goes a long way in inspiring me to be the best version of myself too! It just adds to the inspiration.

  2. Cheeseburger Abs Eat What You Want and Look Absolutely Fabulous by Al Bargen.
  3. Celebrate National Nutrition Month with 30 wellness resolutions.
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  6. Thanks Nikki :. I am a fellow NYU student! If you are just finishing up your freshman year, you may have seen me in the Reality Show during welcome week! So exciting to encounter other NYU Popsters!! We should all get together! Just wanted to let you know you look so fabulous; you look like two different people in your photos! This is amazing! Nikki, congrats and thanks so much for sharing. This is just the encouragement so many of us need!

    I really can relate to her. I have started since jan. I already see so much change. I almost lost 10 kg i dont know how much it is in pound. I feel now more even motivated then i was before. Incredible story!!! Nikki you are such an inspiration! Its encouraging because some days I struggle with my body image, Im 26 with an 18 month old son and I get discouraged about how my body looks.

    So its great to know with much effort and support you CAN achieve your goal!! Kuddos girlie your gorgeous!!!! S you rock even in your first pic, to have courage to wear a bikini that says alot! That i can barely make it through a ten minute video. Thanks Nikki. This is exactly what I needed today. You are such an inspiration to me, and it gives me proof that I can actually do it if I just keep going. Thank you so much for sharing your story! So Inspiring!!! I know not to give up also stay positive that it takes time. You are really an inspiration.

    So amazing! You are an angel letting us have these videos for free! Thank you for inspiring me…I have had a very tough struggle with weight and self esteem and only recently discovered Blogilates…I am already seeing the results, sometimes I am discouraged but your story has truly given me hope! Thank you so much for your openness and honesty. Stay strong and beautiful! Me lost nearly 5kg in 4 mths too!

    Keep up the good work! Great job, Nikki!!!! You definitely inspired me today. I love the picture of you and Cassey. I almost cried at this wow! You are an angel who spread love, inspiration, courage, passion and compassion. Congrats, Nikki!! Your motivation and determination inspired and revitalized me. Thank you!! So happy for you!! What a story! Congratulations to Nikki on all her hardwork. Making lifestyle changes is challenging and her results are evidence supporting her change in mindset.

    I feel like you described feeling before getting healthy. I literally survive on sugar alone. It seems impossible to change. Good luck in university and thanks again! Startin a Blogilates video right now. You look amazinnnnnnnnng! Wow, you just inspired me to finish my POP Pilates workout today!!

    Keep going, and stay strong and positive! Congrats girl! Thanks for sharing Nikki!! I have not gotten to where u r now but I working on it…everyday! Thank you for the motivating article Nikki!! And Thank You Cassey for being there and showing us how wonderful life can be :D. You look fantastic! Inspires me to keep going, slowly but surely, but amazing stories like yours Nikki keep me going! Well Done! You look great! Congrats on ur success!

    Your story is really inspiring!!! Wow Nikki, you made me realize that it is possible to change your looks. Wow, you looks amazing Nikki! You like Cassey are a inspiration to us all! Thank you for sharing your story :. To Nikki Joseph! I did the same when I was 16, 17 years old, and i would recommend this to everybody unfortunately at this time without Cassey and the wonderful blogilates community. Cassey thanks that you give us all the opportunity to workout with you, pushing us, helping us up when we need a helping hand! Awesome wonderful fabulous, Love Sissi. It really takes courage and determination to make life changes like that and stick to it.

    You have an amazing drive! Omg, you look absolutely stunning. To this day, I still cannot be bothered working out, but Nikki, and the other girls including you Cassey! I love your beautiful hair and that cute shirt in the meet up picture. Congratulations on your hard work and success. I nearly cried. Enjoy your beautiful healthy body girl. You earned it. You are beyond an inspiration. The only thing I have to say is… WOW! What a transformation, and you look so healthy now. Respect :. Nikki, you look so amazing! But reading stories like yours is such a motivation to keep going!

    Thank you! Wow Nikki! Congratulations on your transformation — most college freshmen put on pounds the first year, major props to you and your buddies for sticking together and staying healthy :. Website by Effector. Press enter to begin your search. Hey POPsters! My jaw dropped and my heart stopped for a moment. Nikki inspired me so much and I want you to hear her story. Hey Cassey!

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