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    International strategy. Morte and the Nameless One have an extended history together. Morte is the source of much of the game's humor, not the least being the chaotic conversations that can result between him and the Nameless One, whom he refers to as Chief. Morte starts off in your party at the very beginning of the game, and - if you do not remove him from your party - can help you learn much of The Nameless One's previous incarnations.

    All companions except Ignus , Vhailor and Nordom have a morale rating, and they will leave the party if it gets too low. Morte was pulled out by the Practical Incarnation from the pillar. The pile is composed of the skulls of all the people who died and have caused another to die through their lies. Morte's torment comes from the fact that he, prior to his death, lied to the Good Incarnation and told him that Ravel could make him immortal, and is thus responsible for the Nameless One's lamentable condition.

    If the Nameless One convinces Morte to reveal this history and forgives him, Morte becomes significantly stronger, his personal torment lessened. While the conversations with Dak'kon and Annah and Ignus after they join all expand on or resolve aspects of those characters' lives, Morte's conversations take place at numerous times during the game and are purely storytelling, with no experience or character bonuses. Instead, the conversation with Fall-from-Grace leads to revelations about Morte. She mentions that he has the smell of Baator about him, and is skeptical that he is a Mimir.

    Questioning Morte about this gives him upgrades. Added by ThomLaB. This hidden alley near the location of Rome's first theater was the site of a curious miracle. Added by LatiumMirabile. Hundreds of lucky felines haunt the ruins where Caesar was murdered. Added by Annetta Black. Remnants of a 4th-century church with vivid medieval frescoes and ancient sarcophagi hide beneath this old basilica. Related Places. Chennai, India. This Gothic-style church is reputedly built atop the remains of one of Jesus's apostles.

    Added by lucasstrittmatter. Dargavs, Russia. This ancient village and its adjoining cemetery have a beautiful history of death and remembrance. Added by ekoptev.

    Yonne : une quinquagénaire morte par balle, sa mère en état de mort cérébrale

    Melnik, Czechia. Underneath this small church are 15, bones, arranged by an obsessive academic.

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    Added by CPilgrim. Amiens, France. The encased skull that is widely believed to belong to St. John the Baptist. Added by rogerbcn.