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You have to explore it on your own. Granada is a magical and inspiring city.

It made me an artistic person and I became more active and outgoing, thanks to the friendly Spanish culture. My biggest advice is to not hang out with the rest of the Americans — talk to the locals, even if it means you will have to do a charade or two. Check out my blog for more information on the beautiful Granada! Booking with Spotahome ultimately led me to the love of my life. One evening, one of my flatmates introduced me to a friend at a salsa dance class. I love the story as well as the surprise and intrigue of trying to think like Nora.

I have read every JD Robb book and I still look forward to each and every one. I love the way your mind works and admire your talent. I have alot of favorite authors from all genres but none of them keep my interest and surprise me the way you do Thank you!

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I liked the book. However, I did enjoy the story and I want to thank the author for the West Virginia references! I would like to see more of Banner in the future. Thank you Ms. Robb for doing what you do. First off let me make I clear that I love the In Death series. It seemed very repetitive.

I like the familiarity of the characters but this book was way to predictable. LOL Loved the book and Banner. She only says what I write, so my mistake. Enjoyed the book, but was sorry to see it so short, with no mention of Nadine or Mavis. Felt like something was missing.

I would love to see Deputy Banner make another visit to New York. Eve and Roarke need a little more country in their life. One continuity thing did bother me a bit.

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I noticed that too. I still cant believe that no one the author, editor typesetter etc noticed that a character who has appeared in several books had a different name. I last whole 10 pages before reading the epilogue. Now I can enjoy reading the book from beginning to end. I wish I could have a droid like Maeve. I wish I could have any droid. I keep telling my husband that I need a helper monkey, and he keeps reminding me that they can open doors and would end up in the bathtub with me.

No thanks! I read all books x because I seem to miss something every time. Just went to the movie A Walk in the Woods. He has good taste in reading material! Got it Saturday. Started and finished it on Sunday. As per usual loved it. Did miss Mavis and Leonardo and nadine not being in it. B The body count was staking up. And I was kinda wondering what Nadine would think of banner.

What with just a few sentences about summerset. And was dickhead in forensics on holiday or something. No mention of him. Oh and I wish that eve had gone a little harder at Ella-Loo in the end. I also hope in the new book the chief offers banner a job working for nypsd and homicide and that he becomes part of the series. I liked him. Last thank you Nora for this book and every one in the in death series. I look forward to reading every single one and re reading. Having said that, I noticed one small thing I think is an error. They talk about the killers ruse to capture victims, pretending to have to load furniture, and attribute it to Jeffery Dahmer.

However, it was Ted Bundy who used to do that. I caught that, too. Maybe Eve just got her serial killers wrong just like she is always getting little sayings wrong. We do that in our family, too. I reread the first three books after every new one comes out just to remind myself how much Eve has grown. Plus she writes other stand alone novels and series at the same time.

I think of these continuity errors as Easter eggs waiting for me to find them.

What I love about Granada

Devoted was, as usual, just a delight. Thank you Nora! Poor Nora. So now she has to keep track of every little detail, because some of her devoted readers will pounce on every little error. We are having a discussion and enjoy her books and her writing very much. Many of us have read these books over and over and over. I had the same thoughts.

This is a blog and no made any snide or rude comments that I saw. Like you said we are big fans and were just making comments not criticisms or even trying to be nit picky. It was all in fun and lighthearted as far as I was concerned. I just finished listening to the book. Can someone help clear something up? I thought early on it said they had killed 29 by the time they got to New York. But at the end, the only said they killed 24 including the owner of their flat.

What that on purpose or a mistake? Can someone tell me what chapter the coffee ban was in? The only downfall to listening to the book rather than reading it is sometimes when you lay down to listen you sometimes drift off to sleep no matter how good the story is, lol. Coffee was banned in the dojo in Chapter 6. Finished in two sittings about four hours time managed between classes giving and taking Now on first re-read for savouring…..

Thanks Nora, keep it coming! In real life you have friends who you believe are dating the wrong person, the ones you merely put up with because they are special to a friend.

Meet Jarhead. You'll fall in LOVE AT FIRST BARK (book by Julie Klam)!

If the series turned into just love stories it would not be as exciting. The only thing I would really like to see is who the candy thief really is, lol. I loved the book and I enjoy reading them from first page to last and letting the story unfold. I love watching the story unfold and seeing everyone interrelating. My favorite parts are when they do the final interrogation, usually the next to last chapter, and the arrest is made.

Eve is a master of this. They are all different, well thought out and well written. Even many of the minor characters and walk-ons become fully realized people with only a few sentences. Now that we know he probably has two Grimm Reapers we will all be wondering what else he might have…LOL. I searched everywhere and there is no comment from you about Devoted in Death the day after release date. Nor did it post in a different place. Just finished it this morning — not quite 10 days of savoring the book. Good one! My brain is a wonder. I have read Devoted in Death and I found it ok.

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It was heavy on police procedure and it was good to see Dallas working with Banner. I just finished listening to the audio version and it just struck me. It was during the Epilogue when I understood the subtext. They had met three years ago. I know that this book takes place in January and I was always under the impression that Eve and Roarke met in mid February..

I think that I remember reading someplace maybe in death. But either way, this couple has moved to a smooth running unit…so it is a happy anniversary.

Devoted in Death discussion thread | Fall Into The Story

What if Trueheart gets one for making Detective? I totally agree with you on that but if McNabb gets one where does it end? It will get ridiculous soon. I agree that it could spiral out of control. Plus he makes it so it is good business to have it being used. Finished Devoted in Death in audio format and loved it! Love all the In Death books. Glad to see other readers picking up mistakes in continuity.

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What a total bitch she was. Thrill killers are the worst and these two take the cake. Can I get a list of ALL the recurring characters anywhere? An idea for you put this on a bookmark so it can be used as a reference as we read. I got the ebook and the Audible book on the day it was released.

In 4 hours, I had the ebook read. Loved it! I then listened to the Audible audio file while working in my studio. Still loved it. Devoted was so-o-o-o good! This was one of the times that I seriously, truly wished the killers were killed near or at the end, but death would have been too good for them and, in the end, they got what they deserved. First off to the woman complaining about the price. Do what many people suggested support your local library and get it there.

I do, in fact I suggest the book when it is near publication date. I live in NYC and there usually are hundreds of people who put the book on hold. Secondly, and most important — I have read all the In Death books, some several times. As with others, I have favorites and this one will be among them. I will wait awhile so that others get a chance to read it for the first time and then put it on hold again so I can reread it.

I will have to see if I see them on my second read as I was too engrossed in the story to notice them the first time. Thank you Nora Roberts for another great book. One of my favorite scenes was Peabody finally getting to play Bad Cop in interview! She was a bulldog! Go Peabody!

Speaking of editing errors, I do pick up some now and again in the books I read. The 24 hr clock stops at midnight and starts over at which is also midnight. Aidan Turner is Irish, handsome not Roarke handsome, but who is? As usual, I started it about 3PM in the afternoon and finished it about ish that night. It was awesome, as they all are!

I have gotten my sister in law hooked on In Death books, she just got done reading Devoted also. I loan her my copy, we are filling in the previous books in the series in her library. She has read them all from the first, so JD Robb has yet another fan! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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Devoted in Death discussion thread

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